Privacy Policy

Slots Gallery is regulated by Hollycorn N.V., which has registration number 144359 and is licensed by the Government of Curacao. Since a gambling establishment operates officially and legally, it has several obligations. One of them is control over clients’ personal data, its secure collection and analysis per the law. To accomplish this task, the company has developed a privacy policy.

This document is based on fundamental principles in the field of protection of private details, as well as taking into account basic human rights and the interests of the institution. The articles describe the main ways to obtain and analyze confidential information, areas of use, user responsibilities, and organizational responsibilities.

Slots Gallery is regulated by Hollycorn N.V., which has registration number 144359 and is licensed by the government of Curacao

This policy applies to both the official web page and the mobile application. Therefore, before starting to play on any of the platforms, a person must carefully study the provisions and confirm his agreement with them. Otherwise, the user will not be able to fully use the products and services.

Slots Gallery management also points out that the document can be supplemented or changed at any time. If innovations significantly affect customers’ stay on the web page, then employees will notify them in advance by email. In other cases, the new version will be published on the site and will take effect immediately.

Data gathered

A user’s stay in the Slots Gallery implies a certain algorithm of actions that is performed at various stages. Therefore, an institution can collect a variety of private information:


Slots Gallery guarantees that the use of private details will be carried out only for lawful purposes. In addition, this has benefits for both the institution and the users:


When the user agrees to the provisions of the policy, he automatically confirms the receipt of promotional mailings via email. Thus, the organization uses the personal details of players to send them relevant information about new games, promotions, and innovations from partners and suppliers. If the client does not want to receive such mailings, then he must inform the customer support team via the email address [email protected].


Subject to policy and law, Slots Gallery may transfer private data to the following parties:

All employees of the organization who have access to identifying details sign a confidentiality agreement.

Also, the institution, as well as suppliers, can transfer private information outside the country within the EU, EFTA, and EEA.

The gambling establishment strives to protect its property, employees, and existing customers. Therefore, data disclosure can also occur when something threatens the security of the organization.

On a web page, clients can use features such as “Share” or “Like” that are provided by third-party resources such as Facebook. Therefore, when using these buttons, the external service may also receive sensitive details.

Slots Gallery may post advertisements or links to other resources on its platforms. The company is not responsible for the content located on these links and for losses that the player may incur when visiting these pages. Therefore, before moving to an external resource, the user must ensure its security through the privacy policy.

Storage period

The company will keep details private for as long as necessary to achieve its goals. After this, the information becomes anonymized or deleted permanently.

If a user decides to delete a profile, the organization will retain their confidential information for as long as required by law. However, this data will not be used except at the request of law enforcement or other government authorities.

Since Slots Gallery actively combats money laundering, it will store user identification for 5 years from the date of the last transaction or account closure.

Security guarantees

The organization will do everything possible to ensure that the client’s confidential data is not in danger and does not fall into the hands of an attacker. To achieve this, the company uses the following measures:

It is the client’s responsibility to keep the username and password secure. If a player believes that someone will gain access to his profile, then he must immediately report this to customer support.

Client rights

Under the law, the privacy policy is a transparent document and individuals have rights that they should be aware of:

Help and communication

Slots Gallery has both a 24-hour customer support service and a data protection department. Therefore, users can contact them for the following questions:

The person responsible for these matters is the Data Protection Officer. Customers can send their queries and complaints to [email protected]. If this department cannot resolve the dispute, then the issue is referred to the management of the organization. However, if the client does not receive a satisfactory response, then he can file a complaint with the supervisory authority.


In order to improve the gaming experience of customers and optimize the performance of the web page, the institution uses cookies. These are special files that are automatically installed in the user’s browser every time they visit a gambling establishment.

Cookies allow the company to obtain statistical data on the number of players, their location, and so on. In addition, these files help to understand how the user uses the site, and what his preferences and desires are.

The client can refuse cookies in the browser settings. However, there are required files, the deletion of which will lead to disruptions in the use of the site. For the best performance of the web page, the institution recommends that you only refuse advertising and other optional cookies.